“A terrifically enjoyable and engaging film: open-minded and open-hearted, and utterly unlike the material on regular commercial release”
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“A woozy, dream-like, magical-realist movie which demonstrates that despite living amid a landscape of conflict, the minds of the children are ‘like Aladdin's caves’ ”
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Press Releases
Theatrical release in October
Tue 14 Sep, 2010

We’re delighted to announce the theatrical release of The First Movie in selected independent cinemas across the UK this October! See the venues and dates, read the press release, or book your tickets!


Mark at the Telluride Film Festival
Tue 14 Sep, 2010

I’m just back from the famous, boutique Telluride Film Festival, where The First Movie was one of just a few dozen films to show, in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado.  The selection of films is kept a secret at Telluride, so we couldn’t announce the screenings!

The place was as cinephile as its reputation – Claudia Cardinale, Olivier Assayas, Werner Herzog, Peter Weir, Danny Boyle, Stephen Frears, Errol Morris, Lee Chang-dong, Bertrand Tavernier and other great filmmakers crammed into the screenings.  Some of the theatres are as beautiful as the Funambules in Les Enfants du Paradis.  Our first screening, at 9am, had an incredible 500 people at it, and the subsequent two were completely sold out.

People seemed to be crying at the end of the screenings, and said extraordinary things, and we were invited to many other festivals.  Indiewire said that the film was “beautifully shot”.  Hollywood Reporter said “Mark Cousins’ documentary The First Movie delighted many audiences” and Joe Morgenstern in the Wall Street Journal called it “an endearing documentary”. Delighted, exhausted.

Douglas Gordon gives the thumbs up
Fri 07 May, 2010

The artist Douglas Gordon watched our film last night, and emailed 5 times during it!

He wrote “Really Marvellous. I would say it’s quite majestic”.