“A terrifically enjoyable and engaging film: open-minded and open-hearted, and utterly unlike the material on regular commercial release”
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“A woozy, dream-like, magical-realist movie which demonstrates that despite living amid a landscape of conflict, the minds of the children are ‘like Aladdin's caves’ ”
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Press Releases
Mark Cousins’ article in Prospect magazine
Thu 17 Dec, 2009

“I’ve just spent three weeks in a village of 600 people in northern Iraq. Goptapa, which looks north-eastwards towards Turkey and Iran, is on a hilltop lined with goat paths. When there aren’t dust storms you can look down onto a vast oxbow lake valley whose river snakes to the Tigris and Mesopotamia. The villagers grow pomegranates and keep geese, goats and cows. About 100 of them were gassed in Saddam’s Anfal operation in the late 1980s. There’s a new school, and a little mosque. For three nights, I made a cinema there out of sparkly fabric, the first time there had been one in the area.” — Mark Cousins
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Mark’s article in the Sunday Herald
Mon 14 Dec, 2009

“We arrive. 40 degree heat. The waterfalls are just as beautiful as last year. The bucolic and koranic places are as before. We find deadly scorpions in our rooms, which freaks us out, and the Iraqi secret police stop our filming twice. The kids are just as enthusiastic and photogenic…” — Mark Cousins
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Kind comments from Sukhdev Sandhu
Sun 13 Dec, 2009

“It jolted me. Reminded me why I first fell in love with and needed film. Made the world, for all its grief and terror, seem infinitely magical, infinitely beautiful [...] A pretty damn wonderful film. My heart went pop a hundred times. Like some dream collaboration between John Berger and Albert Lamorisse and Abbas Kiarostami (in his days at the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults). And the music: it was as keen as Ken Russell’s Song of Summer. I really loved it – the idea, the beauty, the vagrancy and purposefulness.” — Sukhdev Sandhu, film writer for the Daily Telegraph